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The Planning Factory offer a full service in all areas of merchandise, range and assortment planning

You may need:

  • An audit to measure the effectiveness of your current merchandise planning process
  • Assistance with implementation of 3rd party merchandise planning solutions
  • Design and implementation of custom planning solutions
  • A quickly implemented off the shelf solution
  • Training in merchandise planning concepts and techniques

Whatever your requirements, we will do our best to provide a solution that fits your business

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Merchandise Planning Articles

Merchandise Planning Articles

In this section you can access a number of articles about Merchandise, Range and Assortment planning, beginning with a a series of 12 introductory articles and progressing to more in depth and complex concepts further down.

An Introduction to Merchandise Planning

Introductory Merchandise Planning Articles A series of 12 introductory level articles on Merchandise Planning.

Starting with a definition of merchandise planning and progressing to a discussion of the basics of Open to Buy and the WSSI system, this series of articles will provide you with a basic understanding of the subject.

1. What is Merchandise Planning?

A definition of the merchandise planning process

2 How Does Merchandise Planning Fit Into The Rest of The Business?

An investigation of strategy and tactics

3 What are the Key Elements of a Merchandise Planning System?

An overview of the processes involved

4 Where do you start with Merchandise Planning?

Guidelines on how to start off

5 Top Down or Bottom Up Planning?

What do these terms mean in the real world?

6 Locking & Floating

A look at planning systems functionality

7 More Planning Systems Functions explained

A further look at planning systems functionality

8 Deciding on A System

How do you decide which way to jump?

9 Implementation Issues

How do you get the system into the business?

10 What is an Open to Buy? (Part One)

An Intoduction to Open to Buy

11 What is an Open to Buy? (Part Two)

A more detailed look at the variables in the Open to Buy

12 What is an Open to Buy ? (Part Three)

How do we use forward cover?

More Advanced Merchandise Planning Articles

Introductory Merchandise Planning Articles These articles address more advanced concepts like Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) , Store Grading and Return on Space.

We'll also introduce powerful techniques like rank curve analysis.

Are You Ready For Merchandise Planning

The key issues that need to be addressed for a successful implementation

Making Space for Profit

Combining GMROI and space data can create a powerful KPI for merchants

Controlling The Flow With Open To Buy

- An overview of the OTB process

The Uses of GMROI in Retail Planning and Control

The Uses of GMROI in Retail Planning and Control - An look at how to get the best out of this key performance measure

A Fresh Look at Store Grading

Store grading on sales value? There are better ways!

Buying The Best Plans

Using advanced rank curve techniques to change the way you plan assortments

Sorted for E-Learning

As more and more retailers look for news ways to balance training costs and employee development needs, can e-Learning deliver the solution?

How do I know if the payment discount I have been offered is to my advantage?

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